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June 19, 2015 at 9:40 pm #2201

There is a proposal to dredge the silt out of the marina and dump it in bags immediately outside the marina. This will form a wall of mud-filled bags and rocks the height of the ground floor level of the marina complex extending an as-yet unknown distance into the creek. There is considerable likelihood of this causing silting up of the hard and therefore also our ramp. It will further disturb the wind in the creek and reduce the amount of navigable water available at high tide when the harbour is generally at its busiest. It will also be a massive eyesore.

On Tuesday 23rd June there will be a ‘public consultation event’ at the Parish Hall where the full extent of the scheme will be revealed. As I understand it this will not be an opportunity for debate, but hopefully we can find out exactly what its extent will be and what the correct procedure will be to register objections. There is potential for the scheme to have a very negative impact on the Sailing Club and on the general nature a pleasantness of the harbour.

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