Race titleRace dateView
Summer Points 201719-07-2017
First Thursday Night Series19-07-2017
Races 7 to 13 Thursday Nights19-07-2017
BOD 90th Anniversary Regatta16-07-2017
Jack Garcia Handicap16-07-2017
Summer Handicap16-07-2017
BOD 90th Anniversary Regatta15-07-2017
Round The Islands06-06-2017
GP14 Southern Area Championship04-06-2017
Merlin Rocket Open 201704-06-2017
Fireball Open 201704-06-2017
Jodi Jug03-06-2017
May Mugs03-06-2017
Fulmar Cup25-05-2017
Spring Series 201730-04-2017
Birthday stir24-04-2017
Ivy Stone23-04-2017
Easter Egg Pursuit16-04-2017
Bob Watts Pursuit Race14-04-2017
Ralph Sutton handicap & Len Cook Tankard02-04-2017
Hogmany 201631-12-2016
Christmas Cracker 201618-12-2016
Winter series 201611-12-2016
Alresford Creek Race15-10-2016
Summer Points08-10-2016
Autumn H/cap08-10-2016
Spitfire Nationals and Cat Open02-10-2016
Aero Eastern Region Championships 201619-09-2016
Fireball Open Meeting 201618-09-2016
Merlin Rocket Open Meeting/Silver Tiller Brightlingsea 201618-09-2016
Pyefleet Week Red07-08-2016
Pyefleet Week Blue07-08-2016
Big Wednesday Reg White Gold Medal Race04-08-2016
Carol Cruickshank Pursuit30-07-2016
2nd Six Thursday Pursuit29-07-2016
Thursday Pursuit overall and Woodgate widget29-07-2016
Jodi Jug28-07-2016
Three creeks crawl (replacement)20-07-2016
Midgeley Salver19-07-2016
Summer Handicap10-07-2016
Rs Feva Grand Prix03-07-2016
Lipton Cup02-07-2016
Jack Garcia Handicap02-07-2016
Round the Island19-06-2016
Fulmar Cup12-06-2016
Crews Race11-06-2016
1st 6 races Thursday pursuit09-06-2016
May Mugs09-06-2016
Tera Race05-06-2016
BOD Regatta05-06-2016
OK Open Meeting28-05-2016
Laser Open Meeting28-05-2016
Deputies Cup 201602-05-2016
Spring Series 201601-05-2016
Bines Worth Trophy 201624-04-2016
Birthday Stir 201620-04-2016
Bob Watts Pursuit27-03-2016
Ralph Sutton Handicap & Len Cook Tankard 201620-03-2016
Hogmany Race 201527-12-2015
Christmas Cracker 201520-12-2015
Winter series 201513-12-2015
Autumn Handicap19-10-2015
Autumn Points19-10-2015
Arthur Dobbs Alresford Creek Race11-10-2015
Autumn Cup(Autumn Handicap 2)05-10-2015
RYA East Zone Championships 2015 - Updated Final30-09-2015
RYA East Zone Regatta Fleet27-09-2015
Bart's Bash 201520-09-2015
Merlin Rocket Open13-09-2015
Thursday night last six06-09-2015
Woolvert Tankard05-09-2015
Martini Trophy31-08-2015
Summer points 201530-08-2015
QR Clarke Handicap30-08-2015
Summer Handicap 201530-08-2015
Fulmar cup19-08-2015
Jodi Jug19-08-2015
Albacore National Championships 201515-08-2015
Albacore Nationals 2015 - Day 214-08-2015
Final Results Pyefleet Week Red 201508-08-2015
Final Results Pyefleet Week Blue 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Single Handed Race 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Crew Race 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Provisional Results 201507-08-2015
Pyefleet Week 2015 - Big Wednesday06-08-2015
Thursday Pursuit 2015 and Woodgate Widget05-08-2015
Summer Handicap 201530-07-2015
Lipton Cup26-07-2015
Three Creeks Crawl19-07-2015
Midgeley Salver19-07-2015
Summer points series 201510-07-2015
Jack Garcia 201509-07-2015
Thursday nights 2015 - 1st six15-06-2015
OK Open 2015 - corrected results10-06-2015
National 12 Open 201508-06-2015
Fireball Open 201508-06-2015
May Mugs 201531-05-2015
Round the Islands Race 201531-05-2015
Laser Masters Event 201517-05-2015
Deputies Cup 201504-05-2015
Spring Handicap Series 201526-04-2015
Ivy Stone Handicap 201508-04-2015
Bob Watts 201504-04-2015
Hogmanay Race 201428-12-2014
Updated Winter Series 201416-12-2014
Novice Squad Winter Series10-11-2014
Autumn Points 201419-10-2014
Autumn Handicap 201419-10-2014
Arthur Dobbs Alresford Creek Race 201413-10-2014
BOD Osborne Cup 201411-10-2014
Regfest 201402-10-2014
Spitfire Nationals - Regfest 201428-09-2014
Barts Bash21-09-2014
Woolvet Tankard14-09-2014
Thursday Evening Pursuit 201431-08-2014
Round The Islands 201431-08-2014
Summer Handicap 201431-08-2014
RS Tera Eastern Area Championships Sport31-08-2014
RS Tera Eastern Area Championships PRO31-08-2014
QR Clarke Cup 201426-08-2014
Martini Trophy 201425-08-2014
Lancester Volovo Trophy 201425-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Red All Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Blue No Day Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Blue All Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Red No Day Entries16-08-2014
Big Wednesday 201413-08-2014
Carole Cruchshank Pursuit 201409-08-2014
Cadet Race Week08-08-2014
BOD Cormorant Cup05-08-2014
Solo Nationals 2014 - Plate01-08-2014
Solo Nationals 201401-08-2014
Lipton Cup 201427-07-2014
Summer Points 201420-07-2014
Novice Series 201420-07-2014
Midgeley Salver 201420-07-2014
Thursday Evening Pursuit20-07-2014
BOD Summer Points15-07-2014
D One Europeans & Nationals29-06-2014
Laser Open Sunday Only29-06-2014
Laser Open Two day29-06-2014
BOD Cormorant Cup28-06-2014
Jack Garcia Handicap 201415-06-2014
Regatta Mildred Stone (Cadet)01-06-2014
Regatta Jodi Jug 201401-06-2014
Three Creeks Crawl 201431-05-2014
Fulman Cup 201426-05-2014
May Mugs 201426-05-2014
Merlin Silver Tiller Open 201421-05-2014
Merlin Open 201421-05-2014
Fireball Open 201418-05-2014
OK Open 201418-05-2014
Deputies Cup 201405-05-2014
Bines Worth Trophy 201430-04-2014
Spring Series 201426-04-2014
Birthday Stir Handicap 201422-04-2014
Easter Egg Pursuit20-04-2014
Bob Watts Pursuit 201418-04-2014
Ivy Stone 201413-04-2014
Ralph Sutton Hcap 210430-03-2014
T C White 201430-03-2014
Hogmany Race 201331-12-2013
Winter Series 201308-12-2013
Star Trophy17-11-2013
Autumn Handicap 201323-10-2013
Autumn Points 201313-10-2013
Pyefleet Week Social Programme

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Language Timothy!

We love that everyone at BSC is highly competitive, and we appreciate that in …

Start Time For Racing Sunday 23 July Is 14.00

Further to our earlier post please be aware that the start time for racing …

Please Return Your Pyefleet Week Trophies

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Donate your spare rope and fittings for the club boats!

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RYA Youth Sailing/Start Racing Course

RYA Youth Sailing/Start Racing Course

Autumn Handicap 1 Autumn Cup

Martini Trophy/Ladies Race

Lancaster Volvo Handicap