Race titleRace dateView
Winter Series 201705-11-2017
Autumn Points final23-10-2017
Autumn Handicap Final21-10-2017
Skiff Fest supported by Horizon Construction 2017 Final Results08-10-2017
Q R Clarke23-09-2017
Thursday Pursuit Series Overall 201713-09-2017
Lancaster Volvo Handicap10-09-2017
Summer Points 201706-09-2017
Summer Handicap06-09-2017
Thursday Nights Series 229-08-2017
Summer Points 201719-07-2017
First Thursday Night Series19-07-2017
Races 7 to 13 Thursday Nights19-07-2017
BOD 90th Anniversary Regatta16-07-2017
Jack Garcia Handicap16-07-2017
Summer Handicap16-07-2017
BOD 90th Anniversary Regatta15-07-2017
Round The Islands06-06-2017
GP14 Southern Area Championship04-06-2017
Merlin Rocket Open 201704-06-2017
Fireball Open 201704-06-2017
Jodi Jug03-06-2017
May Mugs03-06-2017
Fulmar Cup25-05-2017
Spring Series 201730-04-2017
Birthday stir24-04-2017
Ivy Stone23-04-2017
Easter Egg Pursuit16-04-2017
Bob Watts Pursuit Race14-04-2017
Ralph Sutton handicap & Len Cook Tankard02-04-2017
Hogmany 201631-12-2016
Christmas Cracker 201618-12-2016
Winter series 201611-12-2016
Alresford Creek Race15-10-2016
Summer Points08-10-2016
Autumn H/cap08-10-2016
Spitfire Nationals and Cat Open02-10-2016
Aero Eastern Region Championships 201619-09-2016
Fireball Open Meeting 201618-09-2016
Merlin Rocket Open Meeting/Silver Tiller Brightlingsea 201618-09-2016
Pyefleet Week Red07-08-2016
Pyefleet Week Blue07-08-2016
Big Wednesday Reg White Gold Medal Race04-08-2016
Carol Cruickshank Pursuit30-07-2016
2nd Six Thursday Pursuit29-07-2016
Thursday Pursuit overall and Woodgate widget29-07-2016
Jodi Jug28-07-2016
Three creeks crawl (replacement)20-07-2016
Midgeley Salver19-07-2016
Summer Handicap10-07-2016
Rs Feva Grand Prix03-07-2016
Lipton Cup02-07-2016
Jack Garcia Handicap02-07-2016
Round the Island19-06-2016
Fulmar Cup12-06-2016
Crews Race11-06-2016
1st 6 races Thursday pursuit09-06-2016
May Mugs09-06-2016
Tera Race05-06-2016
BOD Regatta05-06-2016
OK Open Meeting28-05-2016
Laser Open Meeting28-05-2016
Deputies Cup 201602-05-2016
Spring Series 201601-05-2016
Bines Worth Trophy 201624-04-2016
Birthday Stir 201620-04-2016
Bob Watts Pursuit27-03-2016
Ralph Sutton Handicap & Len Cook Tankard 201620-03-2016
Hogmany Race 201527-12-2015
Christmas Cracker 201520-12-2015
Winter series 201513-12-2015
Autumn Handicap19-10-2015
Autumn Points19-10-2015
Arthur Dobbs Alresford Creek Race11-10-2015
Autumn Cup(Autumn Handicap 2)05-10-2015
RYA East Zone Championships 2015 - Updated Final30-09-2015
RYA East Zone Regatta Fleet27-09-2015
Bart's Bash 201520-09-2015
Merlin Rocket Open13-09-2015
Thursday night last six06-09-2015
Woolvert Tankard05-09-2015
Martini Trophy31-08-2015
Summer points 201530-08-2015
QR Clarke Handicap30-08-2015
Summer Handicap 201530-08-2015
Fulmar cup19-08-2015
Jodi Jug19-08-2015
Albacore National Championships 201515-08-2015
Albacore Nationals 2015 - Day 214-08-2015
Final Results Pyefleet Week Red 201508-08-2015
Final Results Pyefleet Week Blue 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Single Handed Race 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Crew Race 201508-08-2015
Signet Nationals Provisional Results 201507-08-2015
Pyefleet Week 2015 - Big Wednesday06-08-2015
Thursday Pursuit 2015 and Woodgate Widget05-08-2015
Summer Handicap 201530-07-2015
Lipton Cup26-07-2015
Three Creeks Crawl19-07-2015
Midgeley Salver19-07-2015
Summer points series 201510-07-2015
Jack Garcia 201509-07-2015
Thursday nights 2015 - 1st six15-06-2015
OK Open 2015 - corrected results10-06-2015
National 12 Open 201508-06-2015
Fireball Open 201508-06-2015
May Mugs 201531-05-2015
Round the Islands Race 201531-05-2015
Laser Masters Event 201517-05-2015
Deputies Cup 201504-05-2015
Spring Handicap Series 201526-04-2015
Ivy Stone Handicap 201508-04-2015
Bob Watts 201504-04-2015
Hogmanay Race 201428-12-2014
Updated Winter Series 201416-12-2014
Novice Squad Winter Series10-11-2014
Autumn Points 201419-10-2014
Autumn Handicap 201419-10-2014
Arthur Dobbs Alresford Creek Race 201413-10-2014
BOD Osborne Cup 201411-10-2014
Regfest 201402-10-2014
Spitfire Nationals - Regfest 201428-09-2014
Barts Bash21-09-2014
Woolvet Tankard14-09-2014
Thursday Evening Pursuit 201431-08-2014
Round The Islands 201431-08-2014
Summer Handicap 201431-08-2014
RS Tera Eastern Area Championships Sport31-08-2014
RS Tera Eastern Area Championships PRO31-08-2014
QR Clarke Cup 201426-08-2014
Martini Trophy 201425-08-2014
Lancester Volovo Trophy 201425-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Red All Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Blue No Day Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Blue All Entries16-08-2014
Pyefleet Week 2014 Red No Day Entries16-08-2014
Big Wednesday 201413-08-2014
Carole Cruchshank Pursuit 201409-08-2014
Cadet Race Week08-08-2014
BOD Cormorant Cup05-08-2014
Solo Nationals 2014 - Plate01-08-2014
Solo Nationals 201401-08-2014
Lipton Cup 201427-07-2014
Summer Points 201420-07-2014
Novice Series 201420-07-2014
Midgeley Salver 201420-07-2014
Thursday Evening Pursuit20-07-2014
BOD Summer Points15-07-2014
D One Europeans & Nationals29-06-2014
Laser Open Sunday Only29-06-2014
Laser Open Two day29-06-2014
BOD Cormorant Cup28-06-2014
Jack Garcia Handicap 201415-06-2014
Regatta Mildred Stone (Cadet)01-06-2014
Regatta Jodi Jug 201401-06-2014
Three Creeks Crawl 201431-05-2014
Fulman Cup 201426-05-2014
May Mugs 201426-05-2014
Merlin Silver Tiller Open 201421-05-2014
Merlin Open 201421-05-2014
Fireball Open 201418-05-2014
OK Open 201418-05-2014
Deputies Cup 201405-05-2014
Bines Worth Trophy 201430-04-2014
Spring Series 201426-04-2014
Birthday Stir Handicap 201422-04-2014
Easter Egg Pursuit20-04-2014
Bob Watts Pursuit 201418-04-2014
Ivy Stone 201413-04-2014
Ralph Sutton Hcap 210430-03-2014
T C White 201430-03-2014
Hogmany Race 201331-12-2013
Winter Series 201308-12-2013
Star Trophy17-11-2013
Autumn Handicap 201323-10-2013
Autumn Points 201313-10-2013
Cadets - Help Make The BSC Entry For Brightlingsea Christmas Tree Festival

Brightlingsea Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints’ Church is one of the town’s best …

Joint BSC/CYC Cadet Party & Prize Giving 9 December

Calling all Cadets – you are invited to the annual joint CYC/BSC Cadet Christmas …

Festive Family Fun At BSC

Join us for a host of Festive Family Fun during December

Family Fun Games Night 24 November

Join us for Family Fun Games Night on Friday 24 November from 6pm

Christmas Lunch Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for the one and only Brightlingsea Sailing Club Christmas Lunch cooked by our …

Christmas Cracker Robbie Stone

Hogmanay Race